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Ultrasound 7.10.2009 This week has been a big week in pregnancy.  We are at 36 weeks, and I have checked in with the Endocrinologist (everything with The Beetus is dandy), had another BPP (he once again scored a 10/10, and is very, very clearly a boy), a visit to the OB (who said that I’m making pregnancy look easy), and our last visit to the perinatal doc for a growth ultrasound and a looksee at our little one’s bowels.

At our 28 week ultrasound with the perinatal doc, she mentioned that he had a bit of extra fluid in his bowels that wasn’t necessarily worrying, but different.  Yesterday at our ultrasound his bowel looked perfect.  His EVERYTHING looked perfect.  We were once again assured that he’s a boy (and WhattaBoy, seems to be the consensus of local ultrasound techs), and he was active and showing his breathing activity and has dropped into my pelvis, getting all ready to get born.  His current weight was estimated at 5 pounds and 15 ounces.  He’ll gain anywhere from half a pound to an entire pound per week from now until delivery, so I am guessing his birth weight at a little below 9 pounds.  Put in your guesses in the comments, and we’ll see who is closer.

The OB indicated this week that we are still going to be induced before I hit 40 weeks, and we will set the exact date on my 38 week visit, which is July 23.  Watch this space for details.  Jeff thinks I will go into labor before I have to be induced, and I think that I’ll be induced on July 27.  I had my cervical check this week (sorry, male readers, for that visual) and I am currently dilated at 1 cm, and the OB did not think that it was out of the realm of possibility that I would go into labor on my own before 39 weeks.  We’ll see.

Jeff and I have been hauling some serious ass to get the house ready this week.  The baby’s room is all painted and cleaned, and starting to gather all his stuff.  Thanks to his Aunties Alison and Sarah, we’ve got a TON of baby equipment – every time I see one of them I cross more items off my Target and Babies R Us lists.  We got our shipment of cloth gDiapers in the mail today, so I can start washing those and putting them away.  It will be a few weeks before he sneaks into the mediums, but they will be all ready when he is.

I got the garden all mulched and weeded, and of course, now it needs to be weeded again.  We haven’t had any natural rain in ages, and the poor garden can tell.  I keep seeing on AccuWeather (yeah, right) that we have a huge chance of rain, but it never seems to come through.

Today we have been cleaning the upstairs, which is usually sadly  neglected, as no one ever comes up here.  However, the spare room in the back of our bedroom needs to become an actual spare  bedroom in the next couple of weeks, so there is lots to do, as it has been used as a dumping ground since we moved in.  Jeff is moving all that stuff into our storage areas, and we’ll set everything up to make it at least acceptably comfortable.  One complication:  the box spring for the spare bed will not make it up the stairs, and the  mattress will have to sit on the floor until I can get a good deal on a split box spring. Those things are apparently gold right now.

Thanks to my friend Julie, I have hired a cleaning lady to come  help me on Tuesday.  I can get all the tidying up done, and the set up of the baby’s stuff, but anything below waist level is just not happening right now, so Laurie is coming to help me out.  I can’t wait, and I can’t even tell you how much knowing she’ll be here for a few hours has reduced my stress level.

We’ve been awfully busy, but doesn’t seem like there was much to report – I guess I was wrong.  This week: I go to the dentist to get my sleep appliance adjusted, get the blue back in my hair, get a clean house, and the usual doc-go-round.  Also, looks like we’ll be lowering the price on the condo, if you happen to know anyone that would like a lovely one bedroom condo in the University area….


We Can Do It!!A few weeks ago, I mentioned here that we’d had an ultrasound and that we got the best.ultrasound.picture.ever.  It was especially good timing, as I had just found out that I had gestational diabetes, and wasn’t sure how well I was going to do with 11 weeks of restricted eating, shots, and at least two doctor’s appointments every week.  But, my little guy, who is already as supportive as his daddy, sent me a message that WE CAN DO IT.

I’ve enlarged this and put it on the  front cover of my calendar, and I can’t tell you how often I’ve looked at this and found the strength to keep going through the fatigue and the frustration and all the shit that needs to be done in the next couple of weeks.  We can do it.  We ARE doing it.  And we’ll keep on doing it…

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