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Ultrasound 7.10.2009 This week has been a big week in pregnancy.  We are at 36 weeks, and I have checked in with the Endocrinologist (everything with The Beetus is dandy), had another BPP (he once again scored a 10/10, and is very, very clearly a boy), a visit to the OB (who said that I’m making pregnancy look easy), and our last visit to the perinatal doc for a growth ultrasound and a looksee at our little one’s bowels.

At our 28 week ultrasound with the perinatal doc, she mentioned that he had a bit of extra fluid in his bowels that wasn’t necessarily worrying, but different.  Yesterday at our ultrasound his bowel looked perfect.  His EVERYTHING looked perfect.  We were once again assured that he’s a boy (and WhattaBoy, seems to be the consensus of local ultrasound techs), and he was active and showing his breathing activity and has dropped into my pelvis, getting all ready to get born.  His current weight was estimated at 5 pounds and 15 ounces.  He’ll gain anywhere from half a pound to an entire pound per week from now until delivery, so I am guessing his birth weight at a little below 9 pounds.  Put in your guesses in the comments, and we’ll see who is closer.

The OB indicated this week that we are still going to be induced before I hit 40 weeks, and we will set the exact date on my 38 week visit, which is July 23.  Watch this space for details.  Jeff thinks I will go into labor before I have to be induced, and I think that I’ll be induced on July 27.  I had my cervical check this week (sorry, male readers, for that visual) and I am currently dilated at 1 cm, and the OB did not think that it was out of the realm of possibility that I would go into labor on my own before 39 weeks.  We’ll see.

Jeff and I have been hauling some serious ass to get the house ready this week.  The baby’s room is all painted and cleaned, and starting to gather all his stuff.  Thanks to his Aunties Alison and Sarah, we’ve got a TON of baby equipment – every time I see one of them I cross more items off my Target and Babies R Us lists.  We got our shipment of cloth gDiapers in the mail today, so I can start washing those and putting them away.  It will be a few weeks before he sneaks into the mediums, but they will be all ready when he is.

I got the garden all mulched and weeded, and of course, now it needs to be weeded again.  We haven’t had any natural rain in ages, and the poor garden can tell.  I keep seeing on AccuWeather (yeah, right) that we have a huge chance of rain, but it never seems to come through.

Today we have been cleaning the upstairs, which is usually sadly  neglected, as no one ever comes up here.  However, the spare room in the back of our bedroom needs to become an actual spare  bedroom in the next couple of weeks, so there is lots to do, as it has been used as a dumping ground since we moved in.  Jeff is moving all that stuff into our storage areas, and we’ll set everything up to make it at least acceptably comfortable.  One complication:  the box spring for the spare bed will not make it up the stairs, and the  mattress will have to sit on the floor until I can get a good deal on a split box spring. Those things are apparently gold right now.

Thanks to my friend Julie, I have hired a cleaning lady to come  help me on Tuesday.  I can get all the tidying up done, and the set up of the baby’s stuff, but anything below waist level is just not happening right now, so Laurie is coming to help me out.  I can’t wait, and I can’t even tell you how much knowing she’ll be here for a few hours has reduced my stress level.

We’ve been awfully busy, but doesn’t seem like there was much to report – I guess I was wrong.  This week: I go to the dentist to get my sleep appliance adjusted, get the blue back in my hair, get a clean house, and the usual doc-go-round.  Also, looks like we’ll be lowering the price on the condo, if you happen to know anyone that would like a lovely one bedroom condo in the University area….


We Can Do It!!A few weeks ago, I mentioned here that we’d had an ultrasound and that we got the best.ultrasound.picture.ever.  It was especially good timing, as I had just found out that I had gestational diabetes, and wasn’t sure how well I was going to do with 11 weeks of restricted eating, shots, and at least two doctor’s appointments every week.  But, my little guy, who is already as supportive as his daddy, sent me a message that WE CAN DO IT.

I’ve enlarged this and put it on the  front cover of my calendar, and I can’t tell you how often I’ve looked at this and found the strength to keep going through the fatigue and the frustration and all the shit that needs to be done in the next couple of weeks.  We can do it.  We ARE doing it.  And we’ll keep on doing it…

The end is nigh (!!) and I have got some work to do.

In the last couple of weeks, the doc-go-round has slowed down a bit, which is wonderful.  We have two more specialist visits – one with the endocrinologist (The Beetus Doc) and one with the perinatal doc to have our final (!) growth ultrasound and have a look-see at the fluid in the little one’s bowel.  Right now, we are going to our BPP every week, and then to see the OB after.  Here is the video of the BPP that Jeff took on his birthday (June 4, 2009):

June was a busy month.  I got to feed a giraffe!

058062It was Jeff’s birthday (which we spent at our BPP, doc, and baby class)!

Aunt Alison and Uncle Mike got married!!!

003 If you want to see more pictures, they are here on my Flickr stream…

We also got our roof replaced, our back deck re-built, and the baby’s room is on the way to getting done.  And did I mention the two fabulous showers?  The Kofoed Aunties threw one the weekend of Alison’s wedding.  I LOVE getting together with Jeff’s family, and the fact that all the out of town folks were there made it even more special.  And then Sarah threw the Classy Broads shower, which was just as Classy as you’d imagine, and even more fun!

But there is ever so much more to get done!

  • Finish the baby’s room.  This not only includes finishing the painting, which has taken forever, but also moving all the stuff in, repainting one of the cabinets that is to go in there, doing a BIG cleaning of that room, and washing all the clothes and stuff that needs to be washed.  Also, making curtains, crib skirt, chair cover, dresser protector, bulletin board….
  • Kick the yard back into shape.  The garden needs weeding and mulching, and we haven’t mowed in about a month….some of my flowers died, so I replaced those, but there is still a ton of work to do out there.
  • Stain the new deck.
  • Do a big cleaning of the house.  I didn’t do much of a spring cleaning, and I’m probably not doing much of a fall one, so I want to do one, huge, thorough cleaning so we can just “maintain” through the next few months.
  • Prepare freezer meals so we don’t have to do much cooking in the first few weeks after the baby is home.
  • Figure out what we still need for the little one.  Thanks for the generosity of our family and friends, it’s not a whole lot… 🙂

And, I’m sure, much much more!

  • The end is in sight.  Due to the Beetus and other factors, the docs aren’t going to let me get all the way to 40 weeks.  This young ‘en will be born in the last week of July at the latest.  32 down, 7 to go!
  • The old people on Beetus commercials are right:  testing on your fingers*does* hurt.  I’ll stop making fun of them now.  For that, at least.
  • Third trimester fatigue makes first trimester fatigue look like a beginner.
  • CVS is evil and money-grubbing, and as soon as I have less than 10 prescriptions to transfer, I will be doing so.  I had them erase my phone number because I was getting sick of the twice weekly calls, and now they are sending me snarky letters that they WILL be auto-refilling my Beetus supplies so that I can comply with my doctor’s orders.  You know what CVS?  I’m smart enough to call in my own refils, thank you very much, and have been in the business long enough to know that you make a shitton of money off of this “customer convenience.”
  • While I’ll  blame fatigue on the going to bed early, I can’t blame it for the sleeping in.  By the time Jeff gets home from work and I pee, I’m pretty much awake. But it’s been kinda cold and clammy out, and my bed is warm and comfy, and the one place my hips don’t protest.  Also, Little Sawatdee is getting pretty active in the morning, and it’s fun to spend some Mommy and Me time together.
  • I thought that I’d be over being excited every time I feel him move, but I’m not.  I don’t think I’ll miss a lot of being pregnant, but I will for sure miss feeling him squirm inside me.  It’s the best part (parts) of my day.
  • We are naming our son the same name as my OB’s son.  Only we didn’t know his name until today.  It made me giggle.
  • When one eats most of the can of nuts cause they were tasty, one does not feel the need for a lot of dinner.

Or, How I Will Spend the Rest of My Pregnancy at the Doctor’s Office.

Sorry for the big break in blogging, but there have been some time-consuming developments in Little Sawatdee Land.  Read on…

RosieTwo weeks ago, at Week 28, we went in to see the perinatal doc and then on to our regular OB appointment.  At the perinatal doc, we had another ultrasound.  I haven’t scanned the pics yet, and my not, as most of them are of his face and hard to see if you didn’t have the tech there to point out what we were seeing.  But there is one that I need to get online for you – it’s a picture of his arm, exactly mimicking the Rosie The Riveter stance..all you can see is his flexed little arm.  It’s adorable!!

Everything looked pretty good on the ultrasound – he is not only sending Mama a prenatal message (We Can Do It!), but he is measuring within two days of his due date.  There is some extra fluid in his bowel that the doc can’t explain, but doesn’t seem to be much of an issue.  She can see the fluid, but there is no distension or blockage that she can see, so we’ll have another look-see ultrasound at 36 weeks, and just make sure that he poos after he’s born.  She thinks that he’s just drinking more amniotic fluid than usual.  I figure that, as Irish as he’ll be, he’s just taking advantage of any drink he can get.

At the regular OB, I had my first gestational diabetes test, the one hour test.  I failed it spectacularly.  I was not surprised.  After all, I am high risk for the GD, being fat, old, and having insulin problems before I got pregnant (I was finally diagnosed with metabolic syndrome last April).  Also, my eating habits once I had to quit my metabolic meds at 12 weeks have been appalling – my body has been craving sugar, and there have been about half a dozen foods that I can eat with any regularity.  They are all high-carb, high-sugar, and things I would generally not touch when I’m on the medication.

BeetusWe scheduled my three hour glucose test for that Friday.  My fasting glucose should have been under 80 – it was 124.  After drinking the hideous fruit punch sugar drink and waiting an hour, my glucose should have been under 180 – it was 221.  I didn’t even  have to wait for the next two blood draws – they sent me home and told me to wait for the call from the diabetes clinic.

Before I even heard from the clinic, my regular OB nurse called me and told me that my doc, the fabulous Dr. McK, wanted me to up my visits to her to once a week, and that I was to report to the Maternal Assessment Center (MAC) at the hospital once a week for bio-physical monitoring.  I’ll be doing that every Thursday until Little Sawatdee decides to grace us with his presence.

I finally got a hold of someone at the Beetus clinic Monday afternoon, and got an appointment the next day.  We had a bit of a struggle over the phone on that – my OB had indicated that I was to get on insulin right away, and the Beetus RN wanted me to do diet modification for a few weeks first.  I finally had to get tough and tell her:  Look, I’m only going to have this for 10 more weeks.  There are half a dozen things I can eat right now.  If you get my insulin working again, we can talk diet modifications when I can eat like a normal human being again. I wasd trying really, really hard not to be a pain in the ass, but we’re not talking about a wait and see approach with this in my mind – I have 10 weeks to make sure this kid is healthy, and I want it done NOW.

She finally came around.

I did meet with a dietitian who outlined the maximum amount of carbs that I should have and at what time – it’s a whole lot less than I’d been eating, what with my new two cakes a day habit.  We then met with the nurse, who showed me how to monitor my blood sugar and give myself the insulin shots.

For right now, I am limited to:

  • Less than 30 carbs for breakfast
  • 30-45 carbs for lunch
  • 30-60 carbs for dinner
  • Up to 45 for a bedtime snack

Basically, I’m on Atkins, but with a few more carbs.  I’m now testing my blood sugar four times a day (before breakfast, one hour after each meal) and having to measure my level of ketones in the morning.  It’s been interesting trying to eat three meals a day, and having to plan those meals – since I stopped working full time, I’ve kind of been eating what I want, when I want, and this has been quite a chance.  However, I am less grossed out by food in general, and have been able to eat more variety than I have in months.  That’s worth the price of admission right there.

BPPOn Thursday, we had our first Bio-Physical Profile (BPP) at the Maternal Assessment Center (MAC) at Abbott, where we will be delivering (I still haven’t been able to convince Jeff that Cabbie should be delivering me in the back of a cab).  Basically, I get hooked up to a heart monitor and another monitor that measures the baby’s activity and movements.  The nurse was looking for movements (check) and increased heartbeat with  movements (check).  As with pants, LS didn’t like having the pressure on him/me, and kicked right on the monitor belt.

Then we had an ultrasound.  It’s lower quality than the one we’ve gotten used to, but the nurse was measuring adequate amniotic fluid (check), breathing exercises (check), gross movement (check) and fine movement (check).  He had half an hour to preform all of those things, and did them within a few minutes.  He passed his first test with 10/10.

After the BPP, we went over to see Dr. McK and do our weekly check in.  Nothing much to report there, but we set up a schedule of things for the next few weeks.  She was also momentarily worried that my belly was measuring three weeks more than my pregnancy (I was 29 weeks, my belly was measuring 32).  She was reassured when she saw his measurements from the ultrasounds (he’s at 51%), and I reminded her that I have NO TORSO.  Where else am I supposed to grow?

So, it’s been a busy couple of weeks.  I’m getting into the swing of eating normally and regularly.   I had to get a new purse calendar, as my old one was too small to keep track of all my appointments in.  It has a photo sleeve cover, so I’ve made a copy of the We Can Do It! ultrasound to remind me that Little Sawatdee and I are in this together, and that we can do what it takes to keep both of us healthy and have him come out healthy and happy.

Coming Up:

  • Every week:  BPP, OB visit, check in via phone with diabetes clinic
  • 32 weeks:  growth ultrasound at regular OB
  • 36 weeks:  ultrasound to check on growth and bowel at perinatal clinic

Only 10 weeks (hopefully!!) to go!!

Yesterday, Little Sawatdee and I played our first game.  I was in bed, in the should-I-get-up-or-should-I-try-to-sleep-another-hour position (I know, I know, my life is a rough one) and had my hand on my stomach.  I could feel the little one kicking under my hand, and I moved it around.  He followed everywhere I moved and kicked under my hand.

It’s so weird to think that someday my stomach will be silent again.  Until then, I’m playing this game every chance I get.

Yesterday marked 100 days to go in this pregnancy. That’s IF I deliver on my due date, which we all know damn well ain’t gonna happen. But the countdown is under way!

To mark this fabulous occasion, yesterday Jeff was able to feel the baby for the first time!!

Our little one has been quite the thumper, and in the last few days has gotten big enough that I can feel him in  more than one place at a time, and I can see the big thumps right though my skin.  I can feel him almost all day, but especially when I’m sitting around, or laying down reading before I go to bed.

Yesterday, Jeff and I were in bed after the alarm (I was going to start prenatal yoga yesterday, but the garage door broke, and then we needed to get a tire fixed, and it just didn’t happen.  Next week, hopefully…) and the little one was kicking up quite a ruckus.  I put Jeff’s hand right where the action was, and he was finally able to feel his son kick!

It was amazing.  I’ve been able to feel this little guy for about 10 weeks now, and it’s made me sad that the Daddy hasn’t been able to share in that joy.  Now he can feel his son, and we are starting to bond as a little family.

I started feeling the baby move at about 15 weeks, a bit earlier than expected.  Sarah described feeling Alice kick for the first time as if pineapple were falling into semi-solid Jell-O.  That’s not at all what I felt – I felt like I had swallowed goldfish and they were squirming around in there (note:  I have not done this.  Ever.  Ew.)

A few weeks later Jeff and I were watching a movie, and I felt the pineapple feeling.  Now I knew what Sarah was talking about – I had just felt Little Sawatdee a bit before he was strong enough to make a solid motion like that.

I only had about a day where I had the wiggling and the pineapple, and then the wiggling went away.  Now, even the pineapple has gone away, and what I am feeling is definitely kicking and poking.  It gets stronger every day.

And it makes me a little sad.  I miss the wiggling.  Feeling for the wiggling every day was the first time that I really felt like I had someone in there -like I was really pregnant.  Although I’d “known” I was pregnant for weeks, the wiggling made it seem real.

And now, he’s too strong to wiggle, and there is real kicking.  It means that he is growing and changing, and becoming closer to who I will meet on the outside. Even though I mourn the wiggling, the kicking just means that he is growing up.  Already.  I thought that I’d be able to wait until after he was born to miss each stage as the new one comes along.

It’s so weird to think that I will never, ever be as close to my son as we are right now – we are literally inhabiting one body.  I can feel his movement, and he can hear my every heartbeat.  But I have so little information about him.  I don’t know what he looks like, or what his temprament is going to be, or even his birthday.  As close as we are, we are still strangers.

Here is what I do know:

*He knows his daddy.  I wake up for a while in the morning when Jeff gets home from work, and as soon as our boy hears Daddy’s voice, he goes nuts.  I am hoping that Jeff will soon be able to feel him.  When he really gets going, I can see my stomach move, but as soon as Jeff puts his hand on me, he stops, leading me to beleive that our  boy is shy.

*He, like his Mama, hates pants.  Whenver I wear something with a waist band, he kicks all around the band trying to get it off him.  Adorable.

*He likes sugar. After my morning waffles, I can feel him boogey in there until the sugar wears off.

*He is already loved, and a part of our family.  Every night, before he goes to work, Jeff says, “Good night, little _____!” (You thought I was going to slip there, didn’t you?  Totally not telling the name!) When he tells me he loves me, he adds, “And our little baby, too.”

*He cannot come soon enough.  I have been waiting my entire life to meet him, and we still have three months to go….

For the last couple of weeks, I have been too busy/too crabby to blog much.  So, here is your long, long overdue update!

My last birthday without arranging child care...

My last birthday without arranging child care...

My birthday seemed to have been a couple of weeks ago, and for the first time, I just could not have cared less.  I spent the day at my Awesome Little Job ™ and then Jeff took me to The Modern for dinner.  The food was, as usual, spectacular, although we were there on 1/2 price bottle of wine night, and everyone around us was having good times with a beverage that I have not been able to partake in for almost six months.  Not that I’m counting.  Or counting down till the next one.  (Who’s bringing Bailey’s to the delivery room??)

I spent the week before Easter doing the spring cleaning Chez Sekhon, as we were having the Sekhons over for Easter brunch.  I figured that not only did it give me an excuse to finally do all the things around the house I have been neglecting for the last few months, but I’m going to be pawning off the rest of the holidays this year on my mother-and-sisters-in-law.  (Sorry, girls!)  The house was clean, the food was good, but the best part was that it was Sydney’s first Easter (pictures by my father-in-law, the proud Grandpa):

Grandma brought Sydney a "basket" for Easter of books and stacking rings with all sorts of sounds and textures.  We have another reader in the family!

Grandma brought Sydney a "basket" for Easter of books and stacking rings with all sorts of sounds and textures. We have another reader in the family!

Alison and I.  We missed Rachael in our "sisters" picture - Steve had pneuomia and they weren't able to come...

Alison and I. We missed Rachael in our "sisters" picture - Steve had pneumonia and they weren't able to come...

Alison and Sydney.  Syd was trying to catch a taste of her there anything cuter than baby tongue?

Alison and Sydney. Syd was trying to catch a taste of her there anything cuter than baby tongue?

Sydney and Auntie Di.  She goes between being happy to see me, and wondering how she got to be related to such a crazy woman....

Sydney and Auntie Di. She goes between being happy to see me, and wondering how she got to be related to such a crazy woman....

For most of the time since Easter, I have had a horrible time sleeping.  Thanks to awesome pregnancy hormones, I have had not only my usual battery of vivid dreams, but nightmares almost every night.  And that is when I can sleep – despite Unisom and trying to wear myself out, I’ve had almost no sleep for the last week.  Last night, I could only sleep for about forty five minutes at a time.  Oddly, I feel pretty good today.  I’m not sure if this is entirely pregnancy-related, or if it’s just my usual every few months insomnia, but it can end now.  I only have about three more months before I have a newborn in the house, and I have to stock up on my sleep now!

Coming Up:

*Wednesday is the Just Between Friends preview sale, where I will be looking for a highchair and whatever other cuteness I can find for our little one.  Christy will be coming with me, as Jeff has the condo association meeting.  (I am guessing that Jeff is glad I am not going to the association meeting with him, as I have had it up to here with the association, but that’s a story for another time).

*Thursday I have my 25 week appointment at the OB (we are a week off from the usual schedule due to the perinatal visits).  Shouldn’t be anything terribly exciting.

*First week in May I will  be back at the immunologist’s office to work out a birth plan with relation to the HAE.

*Week after that, we’ll be back at the perinatal doc’s for another ultrasound (!) and hopefully an agreement between all the doctors on how to handle labor.

Wow.  It’s almost like this is actually going to happen soon!

Also, WE HAVE A NAME!  And we are not telling, so don’t even ask.

Dear My Darling Son,

Look, I know that things are getting a bit tight in there.  I don’t think I have to tell you that things are just going to get tighter in the next 15-19 weeks.  when you will finally get out of there.  Just think of this time as getting ready for living in a tiny apartment with five other guys during college.  Only now your roommates are my internal organs instead of drunken messy young men with questionable personal hygeine.  (Yes, son, Mommy has been in those places.  More on that when you are a teenager.)

While I understand your discomfort, I am not pleased with your new habit of pressing your little extremities into Mommy’s bladder.  Contrary to what you might think, I don’t reslish knowing where every toilet in the metro is, and how many steps I have to take to get there.  I am just fine with being able to run a quick errand without three stops in the can.  After all, before you were around, I did it all the time.

Let’s make a deal.  You stop kicking Mommy in the bladder, and I promise that I will not poke yours with my finger once you come out.  I know that’s not much of a deal now, but it will be once you’re out.

I do not, however, promise not to raspberry your stomach.  That’s why I’m having you.

Thanks, son.  See you soon.

Love, Mommy

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