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I don’t ask you readers for much.  Hell, I don’t even ask you to read that much, as I have been sucking at blogging in the last few months.  But I am asking you for this:

Help Tia and Mike Buy A House

My friend Tia, her wonderful husband Mike, and their two lovely girls Sophie (10) and Rosie (3) need a place to live.  They have been renting a duplex for several years, and have recently discovered that the other half of the duplex is running a meth lab (on top of their already awesome violent domestic disputes).  Why doesn’t the landlord get involved?  He doesn’t care – the house is about to be foreclosed upon, so he’s not doing anything, including fixing the washing machine.  But Mike and Tia still have to pay rent, cause, you know, there is at least ONE contract still being enforced.  It may be that they don’t have until the end of the foreclosure process to move – because of the rodent infestation that the landlord also won’t take care of, the city may condemn the house.

The family has been looking for a new rental property in a nice, safe neighborhood that will still be close to Rosie’s daycare and Sophie’s school.  It’s hard to find a place though – Mike has been out of work for almost two years (although he just got not one but TWO new jobs last week!), and Tia is a full time nursing student (she wants to be a midwife).

By some sort of luck, they found a beautiful house in a lovely neighborhood of NE Mpls (the very best neighborhood in town, IMHO)…and the owner is willing to work out a contract to deed with them.  They have half of the down payment saved, but need another $2,500 to $5,000 to make this happen….and that’s where you come  in.

I’m asking all of you…my friends, relatives, and random passersby…to donate $5 to Tia and Mike’s down payment fund.  Seriously, I spent more than that at Starbucks yesterday.  I bet you did, too.  If we can get 404 more people to donate just $5, their new home will be a safe, happy reality.

I wish you  knew (and loved) this family like I do.  Tia helped me bring Liam into this world (she was my doula) and Mike broke the laws of time and space to get her to the hospital in time.  Sophie is turning into a beautiful and thoughtful young woman, and Rosie is just the funniest little girl you’d ever meet (you can follow her on Twitter:  RosieQuotes).  They are good, decent, hard working people, who contribute greatly to their community, their church, are active in the local political scene, and are a rock to their friends.

Please, please, take a minute to click on the link above, and throw a few bucks their way.  I did – now it’s your turn.

Thank you.




Cause it’s awesome.

The end.

2224395967_9bd7e1966a1(Please, NFL, do not charge me a royalty for daring to use your actual name in a public place.)

For the record, I could care less about football.  I do watch it with my sweetie, cause he likes it, and provide the color commentary.  Mostly snarky.

What I do like is crystal.

Last January, a mere year ago, my beloved and I were on our belated honeymoon to Ireland.  We spent a day in Waterford and toured the factory that makes the shiniest, most wonderful things in the world.

One of the things that surprised us the most was how casual our tour guide was about letting us handle priceless works of art.  Like in one of the work rooms, when she handed Jeff the SuperBowl trophy.  Yep, that’s it.  Right there in his hands.

Apparently, when something important it made, there are two copies made.  The SuperBowl trophy is a traveling one – the team that wins has to pass it on to the next team that wins.  The one Jeff is holding is the “second’ trophy.  If the original is ever lost/broken/whatever, this is what will be sent in it’s place, and used to make another second.

What is new every year is the top part of the decanter.  Every year, Waterford makes two tops – one for each of the teams that is playing – and fits them within this trophy.  Then they are sent out, and whoever wins the SuperBowl gets their top, and I believe the other one is destroyed.

I don’t know who will win tomorrow.  Heck, I’m not even sure who’s playing.  And the only reason I care about what time the game starts is because there is an hour-long episode of The Office on afterwards.  But it makes me glad in my heart to know that we got to see and touch this beautiful piece, and that the winners will get to appreciate it for a year with their very own engraved topper.

(And, if the don’t appreciate it, they can send it to me for the year for safe-keeping.)

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