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My friend Trish, due three weeks after me, is not only responsible for helping me finally find not one but TWO pairs of pants that I don’t hate*, also alerted me to this beauty:

Just Between Friends Sale

Set in a golf dome (as far as I can tell), this is a consignment sale of all baby and kid stuff.  And if you are a first time mom (pregnant or within a year of the baby’s birth) you get to get in for the preview sale the night before everyone else!

Let’s list some of my favorite things:

Sale?  Check

Consignment?  Check

Early so I get the best stuff?  CHECK

And at night, so I don’t have to get up at the butt crack of dawn to fight other rabid first time moms?  CHECK CHECK CHECK!!

Trish and I are meeting up there and dragging our baby daddies.  Jeff is trying to get me to rein in my enthusiasm and loose checkbook tendencies, so I am trying to make a list of things that I would like to take a look for.  I’m hoping they have maternity clothes, but beyond that, I’m open to ideas.  Ladies?  Anything I should think about looking for?

*I actually love them.  I might try to alter them so I can wear them after the baby comes.


I want to go to the Geek Prom.

Basically, it’s a prom for adults.  I thought it would be fun for Jeff and I to go – he’s never been to one, and I went to my senior prom with a bunch of friends.  At least this time there would be no drama as to whether I/my date would dump my date/me before the actual prom.

Besides, about once a year I want to put on a fancy dress and get my hair done.  Sometimes, I get married for that.  🙂  But I’m not doing that again,  so Geek Prom is the way to go.

And this year it would be super fun.  Not ONLY would I get to dress up in the tackiest thing that I can find, and have my hair all big, but I’ll be 7 months pregnant.  Prom doesn’t get classier than that.

image033Christy introduced me to a fabulous thrift store today, and right outside the fitting rooms was the prom dress of my dreams.  It was a perfect pink color that clashes with my hair, and full of sparkles and other win.  And a two layer skirt.  I had to try it on:

I think it’s especially nice with the maternity bra hanging out.

Wouldn’t you know, it fit like a dream (ok, except for the bit of bulge on the side, but that’s easy enough to fix – and frankly, a problem I’ve had with fancy dresses before.  I’m not sure why – it’s sure that my boobs are smaller than average, even when I’m not pregnant).

Alas, although it was lovely in all it’s glory today, there is no way that I’d still be able to fit into it in three months.  And I don’t think there’s enough material to let it out seven months of pregnancy worth of stomach.  See Exhibit B:  image034

Anyone know where to get a good maternity prom dress?

oIn the last few months, with my metabolic disorder finally under control, I’d dropped about 20 pounds. Because I am both cheap and hate to shop, I was putting off buying new jeans. However, the droopy butt syndrome was getting pretty bad, and I was starting to be afraid that my jeans were going to roll right off my hips as I was walking down the grocery store aisle.

I was hoping to be able to get a new pair of Lane Bryant Right Fit, because OMG have I loved those. However, their sizing is all weird, and although my Red4’s were falling off, the Red3’s didn’t even zip. I was forced to look for new alternatives.

I went back to my old standby, Old Navy, and we delighted to find that I fit into 18’s there (and if I decided not to breathe for the day, 16’s. But breathing and me, we tight).

Of course, less than a week later, I found out I was pregnant.

While I have not actually gained more than a pound or so, the pregnancy bloat started about right away. I am now in the position that my old jeans fit in the waist again, but are still drooping in the butt. For the most part, I wear sweats most days, but the days that I work at my Nifty Little Job to keep Little Sawatdee and I in yarn, I need to wear real pants (well, the bosses don’t care, but *I* do!).

I sucked it up and already bought a pair of maternity jeans, but am not yet gutty enough to make those work either. When I have to go out in public, I’ve been wearing a couple of long skirts and leggings, but that’s not terribly warm for winter in Minnesota.

Sarah’s been giving me tips on the maternity clothing, and basically told me to get used to being uncomfortable and looking weird for the next nine months (funny, I thought *she* was adorable pregnant….). She suggested learning to wear things under my belly instead of over, and I told her that I was worried that, since that won’t get the garment past the fullest part of my hips, that I would have my pants rolling down my hips at all times.

That’s when Sarah told me about the best thing a pregnant broad can ever find: The Bella Band.

This, my friends, is bloody genius.

I ordered two of them yesterday, and can’t wait for them to come.  Finally, I will be able to keep my pants up!  Watch this space for more details!

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